Persephone by Venus Aphrodite

Queen Persephone

Infernal starlet, darkest diva

Madonna of the Underworld

She who is lovely as Springtime

She who is iconic as Death

Teach us

To move up in this life you gotta go down

Dance with serpents

Corpse Bride in a ball gown

Teach us codes of immortality, o Goddess

Black Sheep Flower Girl, by Zeus babe, you’re flawless

Prima donna of the regions below

Ice Lady on your head a crown of pure, white snow

Mother of Shadows

Bringer of Death and fresh flowers

Comfort grieving hearts,

Make us resilient, empowered

Your pretty maiden’s guise of innocence don’t fool me

I peaked behind the veil and saw you in your full glory

Shadow Dancer, Black Peacock Ballerina

You’re so fucking hot I bet you could seduce Athena

You died for Love

And Love brought you back

Behind black marble columns

Giving Hades what he lacks

Entertain all guests

All that glitters is your name

Hottest, coolest, best dressed

Preceded by your fame

Queen Persephone

Madonna of the Underworld

Grant us but one wish:

Safe passage

Through the realm below

Let us rise, reborn from the dark

Be the light that ignites

In our Souls, Divine Spark

By Venus Aphrodite

Listen to Persephone by Venus Aphrodite on New Reality Records:

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