Jack The Window Man

Jack the window man
Blew in from Syston
And replaced five windows

He was a good worker
Did a good job
Clean and courteous

His company is called that
Yes, Jack The Window Man
And he is called Jack

He tells me that when
People phone him up
They always ask

“Is that Jack the window man?”

And so he thought
He might as well
Call his company that:

Jack The Window Man

It has a ring to it
I’ll give him that
And you remember it

I’d recommend him
Jack The Window Man
If you need replacement windows

In fact our neighbour
At number eight
Has got him around right now

He’s giving her a quote
On replacing some windows
Well he would be wouldn’t he?

It’s in his name
And on his polo shirt
Jack The Window Man

But you’d best be patient
As he’s booked up solid
Until November

Paul Conneally
September 12th

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