The Sparrow’s Nest read by Paul Conneally

British poet Paul Conneally (aka Little Onion) reads The Sparrow’s Nest by William Wordsworth in Burleigh Wood (The Bluebell Woods) on the outskirts of Loughborough in the heart of England.

Wordsworth and his family lived not far from Loughborough at Coleorton Hall Farm in 1806 where he wrote and worked on many poems including reading The Prelude for the first time to Coleridge.

Conneally is well known for his haiku poetry and says “Wordsworth is a like spirit to the famous Japanese haiku poet Bashō. Both poets walked in and were inspired to write by nature – I feel at one with both.”

Paul Conneally in Burleigh Woods, Loughborough

One thought on “The Sparrow’s Nest read by Paul Conneally

  1. I I heard you recite the poem . As you wrote, Basho had a like mind , over his lifetime he wrote a sensitive and affectionate letters to women of all ages. I only knew that famous Daffodil poem as for Wordsworth, but my eyes are opened by your recitation.

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