Hades Gets A Bride – a message from Venus Aphrodite

It is well know that Hades, ancient Greek god of the Underworld and king of the dead, was a bit of a loner.
I mean, the dating scene down there is kinda depressing.

Until he met Persephone, fell in love, and allegedly kidnapped-married her, Hades’s love life was D.O.A…

The myth of the Taking of Persephone is pretty well known nowadays.
People are even writing comics about it. It’s a popular story!

The part of that story that lies hidden, however, is that Hades had a little help from the Goddess of Love.
That’s right, the Taking of Persephone was Aphrodite’s idea.

You’re welcome, uncle Hades.

I wanted to branch out, you know. Conquer other territories, and plant the Love flag in the depths of the Underworld.

Ancient Greek goddesses tend to be quite ambitious, after all: that’s just one of our many human traits (and character flaws).

I have since retired from orchestrating schemes, of course.

Honest to gods! I’ve been reborn (literally) and now I choose to spread the Love in a much less invasive manner.

Anyways, my deal with Hades was sealed on a dark dancefloor, away from curious eyes. And nobody ever knew what really happened… until today.

Enjoy Cupids! And have a wonderful Friday!

Venus x

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