‘United Vibe’ – Paradise Remix with Cathy Wade

As we walk the streets and walkways of Birmingham during artist curator Cathy Wade’s ‘Paradise Remix’ we begin to compile a playlist of songs and sounds that emerge from the transgressed spaces places out of the ether of the City… this track ‘Familiar’ by United Vibe, a boy band that came to fame via The X-Factor, we came to it from seeing a little poster we found .. several of them .. taped with sellotape to the hoardings around the new Paradise Circus redevelopment, here directly outside the ICC, The International Convention Centre in Birmingham City Centre.

The single advertised isn’t actually ‘Familiar’ but ‘Ain’t It Funny’ here’s Sabrina, a fan, reacting to it:

Paul Conneally
May 5th 2019

United Vibe:

Familiar by United Vibe:

And the single from United Vibe that the Paradise hoarding has taped to it ‘Aint it Funny’ is here:

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