Footsore and Singing

‘Russ Ralph of Bred Pudding Collective’

Russ Ralph and I go for a five mile hike up Beacon Hill in the Charnwood Forest just outside Loughborough.

We talk of new Bred Pudding Collective (BPC) works including the currently under cover ‘Man From The North’ and the ongoing ‘Supermarine’ performance art series (performances art pieces undertaken in private).

We spend some time, on the road down from the Beacon into Woodhouse Eaves, trying to decipher the song currently in Russ’s head. What comes out of his mouth initially as ‘Dell Pull’ turns out to be in a moment of revelation ‘Airport’ a song by The Motors. We break into loud long laughter and continue down into the village singing over and over the chorus of this song that we remember but not well enough beyond the word ‘airport’.

Something like this might through metamorphosis become the basis of a new Bred Pudding song.

We come across ‘The Cafe Next Door’ and decide to stop for some refreshment. Russ has a pot of tea with a scone, clotted-cream and jam. I have a coffee, an Americano.

Making our way back to the car park at the bottom of Beacon Hill I start singing Onward Christian Soldiers Russ joins in and we move on to the Grace Jones song Slave To The Rhythm.

footsore and singing
a clump of snowdrops
in the grass verge

Paul Conneally
Beacon Hill
February 13th 2019

The Motors – Airport


More on Beacon Hill

And some Bred Pudding to sustain us:

Got My Back by Bred Pudding on Spotify

Got My Back by Bred Pudding on iTunes / AppleMusic

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