Supermarine (Missive I) – BPC (Bred Pudding Collective)

Russ Ralph of BPC ready for action just before delivering Super Marine (Missive I) which we present in full below:

‘Supermarine (Missive I)’ – BPC (Bred Pudding Collective) from Paul Conneally on Vimeo.

Artist Russ Ralph of BPC (Bred Pudding Collective) talks about where ‘Supermarine’ is currently at and thoughts emerging from it. The painting of things and actions before the making the undertaking.

The video is part of the wider performance piece ‘Supermarine’ which sees Russ making an Airfix model plane kit which like so many of BPC’s and in particular the musical band Bred Pudding’s works explores childhood and other memories.

‘Supermarine’ takes place in private with documentation and other associated works being issued periodically.

The BPC’s big work under wraps asks the question just who and what is MAN FROM THE NORTH?


Paul Conneally
January 30th 2019

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