Grit In My Eyes

Involuntary Painting
Rutland Street

I was coming to the end of my 3km drift around Leicester city centre when I met this fully formed Involuntary Painting on Rutland Street.

It doesn’t realise that it hits me as a painting in a gallery. Of course it’s not an artwork. It’s an involuntary painting. It will change, sometimes day to day, certainly month to month, year to year.

My leg is tingling. The left side of my face too. A wave of nausea rises and subsides. I turn left up Rutland street towards Curve, Leicester’s main theatre, a statement building which despite the decision to not call it ‘The Curve’ but just ‘Curve’ is referred to as ‘The Curve’ by almost all Leicester folk. The majority of them will never cross its threshold.

grit in my eyes
they say there’s a formula
for naming storms

Paul Conneally
February 8th

NB: Involuntary Painting is a term originally coined in this context by artist Millree Hughes and further developed as an idea with Paul Conneally through their joint work of art ‘Involuntary Painting Facebook Group‘ and other works.

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LUMMOX‘ a film by Peter Boyd ft. Millree Hughes

Paul Conneally

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