Blown In Leaves

Russ Ralph outside the wonderfully renovated St Peter’s Centre in John Storer Road, Loughbohemia (some call it Loughborough).

We are here on the as part of our continuing drift ‘In Search Of Percy’.

Inside this former Church of England church we find a large carved wooden box with two closed doors hanging on the wall. Above it is a carving of Saint George slaying the dragon. It’s in what is now a community coffee shop, a good one too. There’s a woman sat on a settee below the box and she has to duck her head a little as we go to open the doors of the box. Inside we find an illuminated roll of honour with all the names of the men from this parish who died in World War 1, including Percy’s, written on it in gold leaf.

The doors have icon like paintings on the inside of them only seen when open. The left hand door shows an armour clad and winged Saint Michael. The right hand door has, pen in hand, the Recording Angel.

blown in leaves
a woman gives us
The New Testament

Paul Conneally
October 4 2017

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