Loughborough Boxing Club

Loughborough Boxing Club

During our exploring today as part of ‘In Search Of Percy’, Russ Ralph and I come across an old corrugated iron building. The sign across the front door says ‘Loughborough Boxing Club’. Through the windows we can see boxing gloves and other boxing gym paraphernalia, it’s a working gym. I discover that the gym is run by Coach Amo Sharma who also runs programmes in and for schools.

I only ever boxed once and accidentally knocked out my opponent with a not so lucky for him punch. I hated myself for it and never boxed again. This said I love watching boxing on the TV. I’ve never been to a live boxing match. I feel as though I should be ashamed of myself for enjoying watching two people, usually men but not always, knocking each other about but I don’t.

autumn chill
an iron building of blood
sweat and tears

Paul Conneally
In Search Of Percy
October 2017

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