‘Amphitrite’ – Amaryllis Bataille – Cannes 2000

Amphitrite stands at the entrance to the Porte Pierre Canto in Cannes. She is a statue by the sculptor Amaryllis Bataille and was installed in the year 2,000 to mark the new millennium.

Amphitrite was an Ancient Greek sea-goddess and wife of Poseidon.

She was seen as less the wife of but the consort of Poseidon, becoming a symbolic representation of the sea.

She is mentioned by Homer in The Odyssey: “moaning Amphitrite” nourishes fishes “in numbers past all counting” (Odyssey xii.119).

Standing 175 cm tall she welcomes sailors into Cannes’ Port Pierre Canto and bids them good fortune when they leave to journey the Mediterranean and beyond.

To see her on foot you have to walk all the way out around the Port Canto from La Croisette past the many Super Yachts that berth there. In the height of summer it’s a walk probably best done early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat and rays of the midday sun.

Paul Conneally
August 1 2016

Photographs: Paul Conneally 2016

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