Robert Rauschenberg’s Studio – New Parks, Leicester

‘Robert Rauschenberg’s Studio – Charnor Road, New Parks, Leicester’

As part of artists Millree Hughes (New York) and Paul Conneally’s (Loughborough) work ‘Moving On – Involuntary Painting 2 New Parks : New York’ a group of New Park’s residents set off with Conneally from New Parks Centre Library to find Robert Rauschenberg’s New York Studio in New Parks.

They follow the directions, lefts, rights and straight overs, sent to them by New York artist Brad Melamed of the walk from his apartment building in New York to Rauschenberg’s building in New York.

After a brief altercation with road workers on New Parks Way the group finally locate Rauschenberg’s studio, a bus shelter on Charnor Road, almost opposite Forest Lodge Education Centre. They have their photograph taken standing in the studio.

Robert Rauschenberg’s Studio (rear view) New Parks, Leicester

The bus shelter is now a work of public art and will be labelled as such:

‘Robert Rauschenberg’s Studio’
Millree Hughes – Paul Conneally – Brad Melamed
The Creative New Parks Group
March 2016

The artists encourage you to visit the work, have your photograph taken in it, catch a bus.

‘Moving On – Involuntary Painting 2 New Parks : New York’ is a project led by artists Millree Hughes and Paul Conneally with and for Soft Touch Arts, Leicester City Council and Arts Council England

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