Shopping for Nothing

The Rushes Rotunda – Loughborough

I’ve never really noticed Rushes Rotunda before, well never in a positive way, until today.

As I make my way from the outside upper tier of the The Rushes car park towards Marks & Spencer suddenly the Rotunda speaks to me. It’s not tall like Birmingham’s Rotunda and is devoid of ornamentation save for a a security alarm labelled ‘SMS’, a couple of CCTV cameras and a text message on the glass above the door:

passenger lifts to
lower ground floor
car park

which might just pass as a text based poetic ‘ involuntary painting’ at a push.

I don’t feel tempted to enter although I might next time I’m here, specifically to try and access the upper floor which I presume is at the moment just for service access, the elevator mechanism, but must give a view of Loughborough not often seen, across the roofs of this small shopping mall and across the town itself.

Generally disappointed with my excursions through and into The Rushes, the Pound Shop reading glasses display a welcome diversion, today somehow, someway it feels different.

Maybe it’s the spring breeze working its magic.

shopping for nothing
a hanging basket
of purple faced pansies

Little Onion
March 2016

Paul Conneally

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