Ready for Christmas – Pie and Mash Shop – G Kelly, 414 Bethnal Green Road, London


Here’s Theresa who serves us up pie, mash and liquor from behind the counter at G Kelly, Pie and Mash Shop on Bethnal Green Road, London.

If you don’t want Pie and Mash then don’t go in to G Kelly at 414 Bethnal Green Road.

G Kelly only serve Pie and Mash, nothing else save the traditional green liquor accompaniment and thick, brown, unctuous, none brewed vinegar

Don’t ask Theresa for a knife and fork, it’s fork and spoon here.

And the food? It’s mashalicious! Did I really just write that? Well yes, and it’s true!

Go get some!

Paul Conneally
Bethnal Green, 2013

Photo: Paul Conneally

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