Train 595 – from Memory Foam Paul Conneally 2012


Train 595
Paul Conneally 2012
Appropriated Oasis Wet Foam and Pearl Headed Pins 

Train 595 is in from the Memory Foam series and was recovered by Paul Conneally and Maurice Maguire from a rubbish skip in a church graveyard.

Train 595some have already railed against the use of this train in presenting it as a new work of art or in fact presenting it at all. Conneally has been called “ghoulish” and others have opined that it’s disrespectful.

Conneally says: “Its neither – it’s oasis wet foam and pearl headed pins from a rubbish skip”

A nother worries: “What if the family of the dead person it was originally made for see it? Won’t they be upset?”

The truth is these trains are, according to florists, a standard pattern, a popular shape to temporarily memorialise children and men that love trains.

Conneally says:

“It’s not important which church yard it came from – it’s the one in your head right now.”

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