Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly


Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly – Paul Conneally 2011

Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly‘ comes from the Snibston Preserves element of Paul Conneally’s cultural forage ‘Spoil Heap Harvest’ for Transform.Snibston.

The jelly is a bramble jelly with particles of Snibston coal dust mixed through it. The Coal Dust Jelly mirrors Snibston Country Park which is on the site of the former Snibston Colliery spoil heap. The country park is rich in wild plants, flowers and fruits and with each passing year becomes even more a haven of natural diversity for the people of Coalville and beyond to enjoy.

The work will feature in the Transform Snibston exhibition illumination at Snibston May 2011 alongside work from Geoff Broadway, Brendan Jackson, and Jo Dacomb. Transform  Snibston is curated and nurtured by Maurice Maguire and overseen by Carolyn Abel for Leicestershire Museums.

The background that the Coal Dust Jelly is photographed against here is a from a new set of wall papers and hangings in Snibston meeting / workshop rooms by Maurice Maguire – images made by Maurice in and around Snibston.



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