The Moustache Bar, Dalston, London

Little Onion
The Moustache Bar
Dalston, London, UK
May 14th 2023

Little Onion outside The Moustache Bar in Dalston, London, photographed by Philip Coulson.

The singer songwriter JILIAAN was performing in the club. If you can catch her live then do.

Here’s Little Do You Know by JILIAAN at Bandcamp:

Here’s what JILIAAN says about the song: “Something about the song…
My first ever completely finished song, which I wrote out of confusion about love, and the frustration that came from being so confused and restless. Feeling like you want to be with someone so badly but know that you shouldn’t because it is not the right time, and not knowing what to do about this… Being stuck in a vicious cycle of thoughts, trying to make a decision and understand the kind of love you feel!”

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