Heart Stone – Little Onion

Heart Stone comes from my EP ‘Fishing For You’ https://littleonion1.bandcamp.com/album/fishing-for-you on New Reality Records.

The whole EP is built around small sections of field recordings made as I drifted trance like on the pebble beach of Aldeburgh within the sight and no doubt influence of the Sizewell A magnox nuclear reactors the B pressurised water reactor (PWR) .. a heart stone .. finding a pebble with a hole through its centre popping it on my finger .. seagulls flying back and forth across the beach out on over the North Sea. A fishing boat races head on towards the beach and up on to it .. a one man operation the skipper jumps off races up the beach for his tractor and hauls the boat up the beach deep furrows in the pebbles

If you want to listen to the EP it’s up on all platforms search “Little Onion Fishing For You” .. yeah it’s LoFi it’s recorded on and mixed on my phone ..

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