The Story Behind The Song: Datura by Cantarella

We get the lowdown on the story behind the LoFi classic Datura by Cantarella in her own words:

“Datura is a Poison Priestess and traditional healer all across the globe. She comes in many beautiful species of blessing and bane. Datura has been celebrated by people all over the world like the Zuni of New Mexico and the Aghori, a monastic order in India. Datura is a plant that has been used ceremonially and medicinally. Though be warned, Datura is a poisonous plant with the capability to kill more than just your ego. I believe it is safest and just as effective to work with the Plant Spirit Medicine of plants, especially our poisonous allies. Being in spiritual union and ceremony with Datura is what inspired the song I wrote in her honor. I knew of her presence but had not yet experienced it in person and body. Datura had entered my life during a very difficult time shrouded in depression, worthlessness and powerlessness. I sat with Datura, dried flowers in hand and I listened. I listened very carefully and soon it became a conversation. Eventually I’d sing for her and recite blessings for her. I was in a place of deep purging and Datura is an ally to the purging of the old power dynamics in our lives. This is not a revolution of self for the weak willed! Datura reminded me of my power and that meant my weaknesses were highlighted even brighter, needing to be faced head on. Datura teaches us to stand up to our oppressors and take responsibility for allowing someone to oppress us. The Poison Plant Priestesses remind us that in experiencing our darkness, we remember that only we can be the curation of light in this dark space. Those who power play me, those who manipulate me, those who wish to abuse me are suddenly met with their own downfall. Datura has taught me self love is far stronger than anything outside of me. I choose my peace first and foremost. I choose a healthy relationship with my being. This is true power. This power of love is the strongest “poison” we could give to our oppressors. In the deepest and humblest honors, I offered this song to Datura in gratitude for her guidance. Now, I share it with all of you. Whether it is with Datura or not, our goal with this song is to remind people of the gift of plant spirit medicine. Plants have been on Earth far longer than humanity, they have a wisdom to them that exceeds human capabilities. Simply listen, the void is the womb of creation.” Cantarella

Links to Datura: Datura by Cantarella – DistroKid

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