Old Man of the Woods

Time made thee what thou wast, king of the woods.
And Time hath made thee what thou art, a cave
For owls to roost in. Once thy spreading boughs
O’erhung the champaign, and the numerous flock
That grazed it stood beneath that ample cope
Uncrowded, yet safe-sheltered from the storm.
No flock frequents thee now; thou hast outlived
Thy popularity, and art become
(Unless verse rescue thee awhile) a thing
Forgotten as the foliage of thy youth.

from William Cowper’s ‘Yardley Oak’

Photograph of Paul Conneally aka Little Onion in the Charnwood Forest near Beacon Hill, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

Little Onion: littleonion1.bandcamp.com/

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