Ice Cream Seller, Loughborough Market, UK

there is a child
eating an ice cream
is is vanilla
with a chocolate flake

we call it a 99
she is enjoying it
it’s running down her chin
see her grin

she’s holding her grandma’s hand
she bends down to wipe her chin
she gives her a kiss
and tastes the ice cream

there is a child
eating an ice cream
it is within us
deep inside

a happy place
where we once lived
we carry it with us
along with the rest

Ice Cream Child was written during a short stay in Aldeburgh in Suffolk, UK a small and beautiful seaside town. This photograph is taken in Loughborough market and we see that you don’t have to be by the coast or on holiday to eat ice cream in the street. The queue pays testament to the lure of a 99 or an ice lolly.

Ice Cream Child is out on New Reality Records on Little Onion’s EP ‘Fishing For You’ it’s on all streaming platforms including NRR’s Bandcamp

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