‘Sockman’ Loughborough’s Good Luck Statue


Loughborough Marketplace, UK

Sockman has been sitting in Loughbohemia’s marketplace since 1998. He was made by artist Shona Kinloch.

“My idea for the Loughborough Market Place is a man, rather on the stocky side, who sits admiring his zigzag sock. The design on the sock is inspired by the fact of the woollen industry, hosiery and knitwear being the speciality, contributing greatly to Loughborough’s prosperity.

He will sit on a bollard, which has been incised with images, in low reflect, from Loughborough’s history.”

— Shona Kinloch

At first some protested against Sockman but now he is loved by the people of the town. Rub his bronze toe for good luck!

These photographs were taken on my Sunday morning walk around Loughbohemia (some call it Loughborough) July 17th 2022

Paul Conneally

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