After Lygia

‘After Lygia’

Still in the preparation stages with Miffy Ryan of The Lone Ones Collective for our exploration of plasticity/plastic in a wood with visiting Taiwanese Art Interns. I’m engaging with the work of Lygia Clark as part of the planning.. when one puts on plastic gloves for no practical reason it’s impossible to not interact with them in relation to oneself, one’s body, especially if there’s a mirror or a camera or both .. the feel of the plastic on your hands, against your face.. finding something inside your head too .. objects, materials held in relation to your body .. your mind .. yes .. Lygia’s ‘Nostalgia do Corpo’ (Nostalgia of the Body) is currently preoccupying and pushing me forward.

slowly unpacking
Barbie and Ken
the east wind

Paul Conneally
July 2022

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