Things To Do With Mum

Finding this book ‘Things To Do With Mum’ in the Age UK charity shop in Settle made me think instantly of the writer, artist, filmmaker and more, Stewart Home.

I have had two short but highly enjoyable strolls with Stewart recently up the canal from Kings Cross towards Camden and back again. During the walks we spoke, Stewart wearing a mask to avoid picking up Covid, me, maybe foolishly and selfishly not, of many things not least the forthcoming publication of his new book Art School Orgy. I will be publishing it via New Reality Records and I have never published a book before, I’m learning the ropes.

At one point during our second walk we had to stop as it felt as though we were being followed by a man even older than us. We stopped, he passed by us by now in no doubt that he’d been sussed. We speculate on why he might have been following us, close enough to listen in on our every word and on who he might be reporting to. Maybe he was just a nosey old man, maybe not. Fortunately we didn’t have to push him into the canal.

This book I’ve found in this charity shop. I consider buying it but don’t. It’s only 30p but a photograph will do. Yeah, it’s a portrait of Stewart. It looks nothing like him of course but to anyone who has read his wonderful book ‘69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess’ I defy you to look at this book cover ‘Things To Do With Mum’ and feel his presence. Come to think of it, I might just go back and buy it after all.

age concern
a sign says ‘all men’s clothes
buy one get one free’

Paul Conneally
June 19th 2022

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