Anna Kolosova – Artist

Here is artist Anna Kolosova. You can’t pigeonhole Anna Kolosova, anyway if you tried she’d stop you in your tracks. At heart a painter but so much more too. This is a selfie shared on Instagram and Facebook by Anna and stolen by me to post here. I first met Anna when she became one of the first members of Involuntary Painting .. The Involuntary International.. that NYC based artist and visionary, Millree Hughes and I instigated. She walks the streets snapping images from her drifts through her adopted home city of London. She writes and records poetry as she moves. We call this ‘field poetry’. She experiments with sound exploring aspects of synaesthesia as she live paints in galleries and other spaces. She releases records. Catch her if you can.

Anna Kolosova Website:

Music / Field Poetry:

Apple Music:

Paul Conneally
March 2022

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