Working Boots and Carpet Slippers

Singer songwriter Kev Crane cherishes his beat up
carpet slippers.

This might not seem much of a
revelation at all as who doesn’t like their carpet
slippers? But for the fifty year old budding pop star
plumber his slippers have over the years become a
godsend at the end of a hard day’s work removing old
toilets and installing new ones along with baths,
showers and all the associated tiling, grouting and
finishing they are what he looks forward to coming
home to.

“As soon as I get home it’s off with my work boots and
straight upstairs into the shower before getting dressed
and slipping into my old comfy slippers” says Kev who
admits that his dog Harley seems to like his slippers
almost as much as he does!

“Sometimes I can only find one slipper and I know that
Harley, our cocker poodle, will have taken it to her dog
basket” says Kev.

After spending all day in his heavy work boots a pair of
old slippers, worn to the shape of his feet, feels

“Working folk have to take their pleasures where and
when they can and slippers are a relatively inexpensive
pleasure that I’d recommend to anyone” says Kev as he
settles down in his cellar studio to make more music
in his slipper!
Kev Crane’s album ‘Why Can’t I Be You?’ is available on
all streaming platforms:



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