Touchline to Touchline

We drop into The Sir Robert Peel. Three of us. The door security is a benign looking small middle aged man. He looks benign because he is. He’s there with his coworker, a younger woman, not to stop trouble but to check that the pub isn’t too full and to guide you to a space at the bar so that you get served almost immediately that you walk in.

We are going to the match. It’s the third round of the FA cup and Leicester City are playing Watford. The pub as usual is rammed. I order three pints of Tiger and we walk around to the corridor by the toilets which is quirky and has a number of plants growing in it along with two small tables and six high wooden barstools.

We only have time for one pint before we set off in good spirits down Jarrom Street, past the Royal Infirmary and on to the King Power Stadium.

Leicester beat Watford four goals to one. Perfect.

a pied wagtail flies
touchline to touchline
ice cold rain

Paul Conneally
8th January 2022

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