The Order of Life by Gavin Wade

Gavin Wade’s XMAS single ‘The Order of Life’ is out! Only kidding, but this one’s got plenty of messages for you:

Save yourself
Love yourself
Be yourself
Make it grow

Out now from New Reality Records on all good music platforms, in your head, on your headphones and boombox’s.

Gavin says about ‘The Order of Life’:

“The title and vocal melody are both counter to PIL’s The Order of Death which I randomly heard only last year and felt it was some unknown, partially heard and forgotten song from my childhood. It prompted an immediate response.”

Gavin says of the image that forms The Order of Life’s ‘cover’:

“ID: A partially complete triangular grid of glowing orange neon struts with wire ties and cables receding into shadows. It is a detail of an artwork I made for my wife on our 20th wedding anniversary. It’s called ‘Nature is a triangulator’ 2014 after a quote by the late great Buckminster Fuller and has 20 struts of a Dymaxion map in neon. It’s on our kitchen wall. X”

Here’s Gavin’s album ‘Songs of the Modern World Volume 2’ at Bandcamp – it’s on all other platforms too:

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