Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric

I found several beautiful examples of fly agaric in the woodland on Beacon Hill. It was quite muddy. The smell of wet leaf litter.

Today I think will be an urban walk. Maybe at dusk when lights come on but curtains are not yet closed. Glimpses of other lives.

tree bracket fungus
a pine marten running up
yes… a pine tree

Paul Conneally
November 14th 2020

One thought on “Fly Agaric

  1. Love the haibun!

    I’ve only ever seen a pine marten once, five years ago!

    an older heartbeat
    the blur of a pine marten
    on the glacier road

    Alan Summers
    Anthology: Yanty’s Butterfly Haiku Nook: An Anthology (2016)
    ed. Jacob Salzer & The Nook Editorial Staff ISBN-10: 1329915410. ISBN-13: 978-1329915411

    Lake District, Cumbria, England, U.K. September 2015

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