Bath Mat – Thoughts on The Future of Involuntary Painting / The Involuntary International

‘Bath Mat’
Involuntary Painting
Paul Conneally 2020

Friends – comrades – It will be hard for any show to be bigger than Involuntary México in Metro Hidalgo.. it’s a beautiful and huge show / project .. a metro station that’s become the biggest public art space in the world.. that’s the ‘work’ in the end not the individual pieces which too are amazing in that they are pictures of the ‘overlooked’ from around the globe by great artists and ordinary joes and janes side by side .. it’s the whole thing and when one understands that the metro is the domain of the ‘workers’ the poorest and that mostly no adverts are up alongside the images .. the whole yes – gestalt! Involuntary México, the vision of our co-founder (along with Millree Hughes and myself) of The Involuntary International Aldo Flores – the magician!

As we move to new shows in more traditional spaces we accept that no museum or gallery will ever be a better situation for Involuntary Painting.. they cement the subversion of the spectacle back into the spectacle.. and this too will be interesting.. different..

It’s these ideas these thoughts that we need to now explore publicly .. including the welcoming and initiating of polemic around what art is, has been, can be and might be.

Onwards friends!


Paul Conneally
16th February 2020

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