Concrete Henge by Night

‘Concrete Henge by Night’
Paul Conneally
January 2020
Dronfield, UK

Concrete Henge is a special place for me. Well, a place. It forms the supports for the Dronfield Unstone Bypass just outside Dronfield town centre which is actually more like a village. In a time yet to come future civilisations will marvel at the sunrise and sunset falling across these huge concrete structures, in particular the ones towards the centre of the span where on certain days certain alignments of concrete and shadows present themselves. Some will bow down in reverence, mainly because it makes them feel good to do so. The heavens will chuckle a little at their audience now captive and bring on the clouds with a little light rain thrown in for good measure. People will still buy ice creams after all this is England.

At night the Henge takes on a different feel. Hazy, blurry, even on clear night.

disarming fog
every streetlight
a full moon

Paul Conneally

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