Men Only

These days not many places are Men Only or Women Only. That’s a good thing. One or two places still are. When I was young many sports clubs, particularly golf clubs, had a ‘Men’s Room’ which wasn’t the same as ‘the little boys’ room’ but was a bar. The snooker table was often in the men’s room.

I’m not sure what this sign is doing on this table. I think it’s there coincidentally. Popped there by someone who’d removed it from somewhere else. Could have been from the venue toilets. This place, a smart new pavilion in the grounds of The Manor, an excellent pub restaurant with luxury rooms in Quorn, is often used for wedding receptions and other events, maybe during busy disco nights when the queue for the women’s toilets is long some women go and use the men’s and this sign is to discourage them. I say to the women go for it!

Maybe this hand written sign is for something entirely different. Found here on this restaurant table for two it has a certain feeling about it.

car park kisses
dead leaves
in a puddle of mud

Paul Conneally
November 23rd 2019

One thought on “Men Only

  1. Nice to get your affirmative vote on something I’ve been doing for decades, at concerts and Broadway intermissions. The men were always so lovely about it when I would announce myself in an effort to prepare them. Love the concluding senryu, also.

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