‘To Know Of The Pine’ Haiku Walk and Afternoon Tea with Paul Conneally Cheltenham 9th October 2019

throwing a spider
out of the bathroom window
another runs in

Walk with me, talk with me, write haiku, transform and have afternoon tea with me!

Join me on the 9th of October during Cheltenham Literature Festival at Koj, Cheltenham’s premier ‘No Sushi’ Japanese restaurant and bar at 2pm.

DETAILS HERE: https://kojcheltenham.co.uk/events/2019/10/9/haiku

Then in the evening come to an exclusive (limited entry) stand up comedy & poetry open mic session with cocktails! Special performances from stand up Joshua Silk and a haiku led poetry set from me!

Be good to see you there!

Paul Conneally

Artist: Katsukawa Shuntei
Title: Defeat of the Earth Spider (Tsuchigumo)
Date:Japanese Edo Period

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