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Was a joy to work again on and in Fruit Routes with my long time friend and collaborator Anne-Marie Culhane.

Fruit Routes

More than 200 people visited the yurt, walked the Route, drew the trees, tasted traditional Japanese foods under the blossom and drank foraged teas over 2 days. My trip started with a workshop with 25 School of the Arts second year students as part of their Creative Dissent module on tuesday. Following a talk, they were given various tasks to explore and document the trees and also to spend time reflecting.

May Day May Day began with sunshine and lots of helpful FREEQ/Hall reps. getting us set up and at midday a walk around the route with loads of newcomers discovering the trees for the first time. Back at Barefoot Orchard we wove natural, waste and found materials with Daniel Fountain that connected the orchard trees linking us to the cultural history of May Day and the hidden threads of mycellium fungi connecting the trees under the earth.  People wrote…

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