‘That Summer’ – Ray Winstone 1979

Twiggy’s Bar
April 2019

John is the barman at Twiggy’s Bar in Torquay. Twiggy’s Bar was formerly The Pickwick which was the pub that featured in the 1979 movie That Summer which stars a very young Ray Winstone. Ray plays a young man just released from borstal who goes to Torquay to find a job and enter the long distance round the bay swimming race. He finds a job as bar and pot man in The Pickwick.

It’s a good film in its own way and has a really good soundtrack that is of it’s moment.

John wasn’t aware that he was now the equivalent of the young Ray Winstone as he didn’t realise that the pub had featured in the film. Many of the punters in the pub did know and some even remembered the film being made.

I’ve got into the habit of searching out films made in and around place that I’m visiting. I watch them before the trip. It’s good tracking down the places films were shot once we arrive.

You can watch the film here – not a great copy but watchable:

Here’s The Pickwick as it was:

And below as it is now, Twiggy’s Bar:

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