Supermarine – a performance undertaken in private

Russ Ralph
Bred Pudding Collective
April 2019

Supermarine saw Bred Pudding Collective founding member, artist Russ Ralph, making an Airfix model of a Supermarine Spitfire. Bred Pudding Collective tell us this was a performance art piece undertaken in private and documented. It explores the notion of what performance is and might be.

After the Airfix plastic model of the Spitfire he continued by making first a Messerschmitt bf 109 and then another Supermarine Spitfire, a much bigger cardboard model.

Russ made several videos with fellow Bred Pudding Collective (BPC) founding member, Little Onion (Paul Conneally) and audio pieces documenting Supermarine as it progressed.

Although the construction elements of ‘Supermarine’ are complete it continues as podcast type audio series and will be a strand of BPC’s work going forward.

Bred Pudding Collective

April 22nd 2019


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Supermarine Spitfire

One thought on “Supermarine – a performance undertaken in private

  1. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My father was in the RAF (WWII) and my mom was a Batwoman.

    spitfires tripping
    up the sky

    Alan Summers
    from haibun: Batwoman
    pins on a map: 3rd haiku anthology (Inhaiku Mumbai anthology)
    ed. Rohini Gupta (November 2018)

    blue paint spatter…
    a model plane’s roundel
    takes a hit

    Alan Summers
    from the haibun “The Wonder Room”
    Red River Book of Haibun ed. Paresh Tiwari and Steve Hodge (November 2019)

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