Hard Cheese – Bred Pudding Collective

Bred Pudding Collective house band Bred Pudding give you ‘Hard Cheese’ recorded live at Bom Bom Patisserie with overdubs and remixes at The Opium Den Studio.

Developers keep the facades of old buildings rip out their guts and turn them into shopping list apartments for the wealthy – they call it regeneration but it’s a repeopling of our city and town centres. Working class out middle and more in.

The developers and councils talk of ‘place making’ but these are already places. Sometimes it’s done well with the ‘place’ still there uplifted but often it’s gone save for a few murals, plaques, sculptures, paintings in vestibules, foyers – people’s memories stolen and used to artwash what’s going on.

Yes … they put the middle finger up at us and mimmymoke “HARD CHEESE”

Russ Ralph & Paul Conneally (Little Onion)
Bred Pudding Collective
April 2019

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