Scrolling Baburnama

it’s a funny thing
the half moon
scrolling Baburnama
she tells me with confidence
that tulips are from Turkey

from ‘Served In A Mug’ by Paul Conneally and Gavin Wade

Read the whole poem here: Served In A Mug


‘Served In A Mug’ is a poem written as a series of tantwenga (tanrenga written via Twitter) linked to the script of the classic early seventies British film Get Carter. It comes out of the ongoing work of Bred Pudding Collective around their new film project ‘Man From The North’ a kind of ‘Get Carter’ in reverse written and conceived by Bred Pudding Collective’s Russ Ralph.

The photograph is of Paul Conneally (Little Onion) sporting prototype designer ‘DUCKWORTH’ spectacles by IF (Involuntary Fashion) created out of a ping pong messenger session with New York artist Millree Hughes during a discussion about future Involuntary Painting projects and the upcoming Involuntary Mexico shows planned for later in 2019.

Watch out for more Involuntary Fashion coming your way in the near future.

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