Fifteen Miles In My Father’s Shoes

Two years ago to the day I had a massive heart attack. I survived and to mark it I decide to walk the 15 mile route of the Charnwood Marathon, I know I’m not up to the full marathon distance. In truth the furthest I’ve walked since my heart attack is around eight miles. The walk takes in some steep climbs, Broombrigs Hill, Windmill Hill, Beacon Hill and Old John.

Shortly after my heart attack my dad died and I decide to wear his walking boots. It pleases my mum and I feel close to him my thick socked feet in his shoes.

The day is just right for walking. A fine spring morning, not sunny but bright, a slight breeze.

Just over five hours later I finish back where I started at the Rawlins Academy in Quorn. I’ve had no chest pains or shortness of breath only an ache in my leg muscles and the base of my spine. My feet are blisterless.

greening trees
a bowl of warm soup
and a bread roll

Paul Conneally
23rd March 2019

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