Leicester City Football Club
King Power Stadium

Security at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium is relaxed for home fans. If you are carrying a bag the security workers outside the ground will check inside it before allowing you through the turnstiles and into the concourse. If you are an away fan you get a full pat-down before entry. It slows entry down a little but not that much.

My dad, attending a Sheffield Wednesday match as an away fan at Leicester’s old Filbert Street ground, refuses to be searched.

“I’m sixty six years old and I’ve never been searched and I’ve no intention of being searched now” he says. The young security guy waves him through.

I wonder wether the level of security is enough. It would perhaps be fairly easy to take a weapon in. I think again and decide it’s probably okay. You can never be a hundred percent safe and if someone really wants to do harm they will undoubtedly find a way to do so.

a face in the crowd
the low sun and a pigeon
slowly cross the pitch

Paul Conneally
March 2019

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