“All Doormats Are Involuntary Paintings” – Paul Conneally

Paul Conneally
Dronfield Woodhouse
March 2019

Doormats .. it’s in their nature to become involuntary paintings. They are a record of the comings and goings through a door, into and out of a building, an apartment.


They are each a unique splacist artefact a file storing space place time action.

All hail the doormat!

Paul Conneally
March 5th 2019

Involuntary Painting is a term coined in this context by New York based artist Millree Hughes and developed further by him with artist poet and cultural forager Paul Conneally. The Involuntary Painting Facebook Group is they assert a work of art in itself.

Involuntary Painting Facebook Group‘ a work of art by Millree Hughes & Paul Conneally …with thousands of others

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