Get Carter


I’d almost forgotten
what your eyes looked like
piss holes in the snow

you’re a big man
in bad shape
behave yourself

it’s a funny thing
the half moon

I’ve got a feeling
we aren’t going to get
a fee for this job

a pint of bitter
in a straight glass

chilled to the bone
we make love
in our ankle socks

you know my life
machines, the arcades
oxeye daisies

just open the door
and go inside

time passes
I carry on looking up
into the sky

sunshine and showers
we’re going to take this
to the next level

I miss you
I fancy you
I wish I was touching you

Paul Conneally
February 27th 2019

This series of haiku like fragments are linked to and fished from the dialogue of ‘Get Carter’. They come directly from the ongoing Bred Pudding Collective work and explorations around their new Russ Ralph led piece ‘Man From The North’ – Film Performance Artwork Text Greetings Card..

The fragments will also feature as starting points for tantwenga poems with Gavin Wade .. work gets passed one to the other .. it lives it grows… – Paul Conneally

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