Pestilence Cottage

Pestilence Cottage is where Thomas Rawlins lived in Old Woodhouse after escaping the Great Plague of London in 1665. Out of gratitude to the village that had taken him in he started a school for twenty-two poor boys of Old Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves.

It’s a beautiful cottage and has ducks wandering around the front lawn. If the owners are in the garden and they often are they will usually say helloand pass a few pleasantries.

I keep passing Pestilence Cottage on my training walks, well just walks, in preparation for a 15 mile walk, in conjunction with and part of the Charnwood Marathon. I’m doing it to spite my heart attack.

The marathon starts from the Rawlins Academy which is named after Thomas Rawlins who lived in Pestilence Cottage.

My mum, who like me is still grieving the death of my dad insists I take dad’s walking boots. I wear them. They are a perfect fit, a comfortable walk.

“Your dad” mum says, “would be pleased”.

pulling on dad’s boots
two double knots and a pair
of very thick socks

Paul Conneally
February 11th


Thomas Rawlins
Charnwood Marathon
Rawlins Academy, Quorn

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