AMERICANO – Paul Conneally 2017 from Paul Conneally on Vimeo.

Paul Conneally
Phoenix Leicester 2017

AMERICANO – the coffee shop as immersion tank – the altered states being alone in a café with a coffee might invoke – we consider the self sufficient approach of working alone, and using oneself as subject, self reflection in accordance to the act of filming and being filmed. AMERICANO comes directly out of this and also explores how the camera itself can be given agency, become part of the performance, the piece, here through the auto-focus and dirty lens which of its own accord keeps switching the focus the sharpness from myself, drinking my americano coffee and the marks on the lens itself.

The video is ‘as is’ and the sound I regard as ‘involuntary music’ it starts its own kind of poetry with ‘bacon and brie’ and ‘thanks for your time’ somehow leaping out and lodging in my brain.

‘Involuntary Music’ is an idea associated and linked with ‘Involuntary Painting‘ an idea and term expressed by artist Millree Hughes and developed by myself with him through our social media artwork Involuntary Painting Facebook Group which currentl has over 7,000 members from around the world. There are now dedicated artworks, Facebook Groups, for Involuntary Sculpture and Involuntary Music too.

Paul Conneally
January 2019

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