Vanley Burke and Gavin Wade at Eastside Projects

If you haven’t yet met the photography of Vanley Burke you’ve got a treat coming. Here we see Vanley alongside Director of Eastside Projects, Gavin Wade, telling us a tale or two.

His photographs tell us many more. He’s been called the Godfather of Black British Photography but beyond this deserved moniker he’s just a brilliant photographer up their with the best of any race, gender, nationality.

Outside of photography we found a joint interest in working ‘masked’. The power a mask brings to encounters and interactions and the ability of people to respond to the mask, to open up, to suspend their knowledge of the fact that this is just a person in a mask or head covering and engage spirituality with this being this maybe shaman.

Here’s his website and here is what Wikipedia has to say about him .

Paul Conneally
January 5th 2019

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