Small Talk A Text Message

I can’t remember the last time I used a phone booth. When I was young that’s all we had. Queues for the payphone in the Students Union. A call home to mum and dad once a week. Now it’s a mobile phone world. We seem to be on our phones or checking our pockets for them every few minutes.

I wonder if we speak differently on the phone now? We must. I mean we aren’t constantly having to feed coins into the phone for a start. Small talk has become a text message.

a cold feeling
around my ears
dad’s voice

Paul Conneally
January 2nd 2019

3 thoughts on “Small Talk A Text Message

  1. Slowly, but seemingly surely, we abandon “the commons”, whatever we shared referred to here in the U.S. as “public” — for the private (gentrified) — of water fountain, time, and yes, phone booths. Even the “public” fire departments are belittled by the use of “boutique” private companies that will arrive at your house before the public fire department to rescue your house while poor joe down the street who can’t afford boutique insurance watches his house burn. Similar scenario now for physicians who place themselves on call for home visits, etc. Sigh . . . I miss community. Take care Paul. Donna

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