HEART ATTACK JACKET – Culhane & Conneally 2017

Culhane & Conneally
October 2017

Made during the performance installation ‘Fallen Apples’ Fruit Routes Harvest 2017 at Loughborough University by artists Anne-Marie Culhane and Paul Conneally. Culhane takes around 30 people on an artist led walk around Loughborough University’s FRUIT ROUTE towards the end of the walk they come across Conneally sat under a ginko tree in the jacket that he had a massive heart attack in, almost dying, in March 2017. Sitting on a wooden stool he talks to them of this, Basho, the death of his father and haiku. He then invites them to write a haiku and pin it to his jacket. A shedding of demons a moving on the jacket now a publication an artwork.

Culhane and Conneally design and construct space place time and event specific environmental performance installations and artefacts. They can be contacted by email via Love & Barley

Photograph: Pawas Bisht

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