Heavy Rain

Russ Ralph

Russ Ralph at the top of Loughborough Carillon

During our current project ‘Searching For Percy’ Russ Ralph and I visited Loughbohemia’s (some call it Loughborough) Carillon Tower and Museum.

For a pound you not only get to see the museum with in our case a personal guided tour by a seventy seven year old sprightly volunteer but you also get to climb to the top of the tower and see the Carillon and bells plus walk around the very high outside balcony.

We found a roll of honour from Brush with Percy’s name on it and his name on the outside of the Carillon too.

Russ played around with a cavalry man’s sword and we discovered the story of Songster, Loughbohemia’s own war horse – a story I’m sure that we will return to at some point.

heavy rain
a woman with a limp
and a blue umbrella

Paul Conneally
In Search Of Percy #ISOP
September 5th 2017

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