On Naming Pubs

The Robin Hood pub in Swannington Leicestershire UK - Paul Conneally 2017
The Robin Hood

On the look out for a pub we walk up Main Street in Swannington from Hough Mill. A huge election poster for the sitting Conservative MP, Andrew Bridgen, adorns the side wall of a red brick house. I definitely need a beer. Fortunately we come across The Robin Hood pub. It’s empty when we enter and two of the four bitters are not available, their name plates on the pumps turned away from us the customers. We settle for two pints of Greene King IPA which I normally don’t like so much but this was okay.

The landlady unlocks the back door and lets us out into a beer garden. It’s not really a garden as there are no plants, more a beer yard and pleasant enough.

We get on to talking about Marx and Engels. Russ would like to open a pub called The Communist Manifesto, I prefer The Manifesto or The Communist but hey. Just one pint and we are off again to try and track down The Calcutta Mine, somewhere that today, without maps we miss. Next time.

all along the footpath
white butterflies

Paul Conneally
May 2017

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