Salt and Pepper

Belton parish church Leicestershire community lunch club - Paul Conneally May 2017

Searching for a pub we find ourselves in the North West Leicestershire village of Belton. One pub is now a set of upmarket apartments and the other doesn’t seem to be open.

Russ parks up in the village hall car park and we decide to explore the impressive 14th century St. John the Baptist Church. There’s a sign outside proclaiming ‘John’s Cafe – every Wednesday from 12.30’. It’s one o’clock and we go in.

We meet a long trestle table with some older villagers sat at it. A woman smiles and says “If you’d been here three quarters of an hour ago you could have had lunch!”

They offer us tea but we decline and have a look around the church.

A man tells us the pub opens when it feels like it during the day and at night it opens but is more like a posh restaurant than a pub. The woman says we should come on Friday morning when the church “does bacon sandwiches”.

spring sunlight
through a stained glass window
salt and pepper

Paul Conneally
May 10th 2017

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